Wednesday, March 22, 2006

i am busy like the bee

today i have...

* baked a lemon cake

* made lemon buttercream icing (both for the seattle edible book festival)

* registered to take the "jeopardy!" online test (i failed the prelim test when i took it in 2003. i missed ONE QUESTION TOO MANY! AAAAARGH#@$#!@#!@)

* sketched out one idea for i am 8bit. (warning: music. cool music but still. warning.)

* did prep work on a large canvas

and i still have to...

* make gingerbread dough

* make a marzipan figure (again, both for edible book festival)

* prime the human pixel project tiles. (i'm really behind on that)

* carve some eggs

* work

and somehow i need to fit in a shower. maybe it would help if i stopped fucking blogging.


Lisa B. said...

Well, I went and signed up for the Jeopardy test, too. I just hope I remember to take it when I'm supposed to ...

r4kk4 said...

oh wow!

wouldn't it be cool if we ended up on the same show together?

how t eh rock! we could gang up on the other contestant and make the game a tie so we could both win!!

Pip said...

don't stop fucking blogging, we like it when you fucking blog.

r4kk4 said...

aw thanks, pip! i won't stop fucking blogging then!

(i actually only meant that i should stop fucking blogging that DAY but i didn't write the sentence well.)