Sunday, March 19, 2006

it's sunday and what follows are words.

just a few quick notes--

saw one of the seattle idiotarod teams biking down market street with their shopping cart in tow yesterday. this is notable in that no one, including myself, really cared that they were biking down market street with their shopping cart in tow.

japan will be playing cuba in the world baseball classic!

who will win?!?

the photo above is from an early inning in the last semifinal korea vs. japan game. *such* a good game!

leff and i bought a brick of american cheese loaf. the hilarty has ensued!

best way to hack netflix to get a movie you know there will be a long wait for: keep one of your previously rented discs ("someday's dreamers") for a week or so then mail it in two days before the long wait movie ("harry potter and the goblet of fire") is due to be released. do this and you shall recieve in your mailbox "harry potter and the goblet of fire" with no waiting. mwah-haaa-haaa!

it's magical i tells ya! magical!

and that's that. i've got to make finished plans for my edible book festival submission and start reading the book that d wants to base our joint entry upon.

but i do have a question--does anyone know what tools are used to carve eggs?

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