Saturday, March 11, 2006


YIPPEE!!! i got my tax return today! i'm going to spend some of it right after i finish posting this. (that means be on the look out for packages if i owe you one!)

in other good news, mario recieved mention on both kotaku and cupcakes take the cake! so thank you to both of those sites!

one last thing, yesterday there was a THUNDERSTORM! well, seattle's version of a thunderstorm. you know, like two bolts of lightning and three big thunderbooms. no use in overdoing things, you know.

i've missed thunderstorms. so much so that i've been listening to a prerecorded one lately. (i found a copy of an "enviornments" lp at a thrift store a long time ago. that 75 cent investment has served me well!)

ok, i'm off to revitalize the economy with my purchase of pink bunny peeps!

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