Monday, February 06, 2006

now back to our regularly scheduled programming

praise the baby jebus, i can type again! (my finger's still kind of purply bruisey and smooshy like a bad spot on an apple but i can deal with that.)

so, what's new? whatcha' been up to? how's the weather? who's the boss?

despite my mangled digit, i'm been working my proverbial ass off. (my real one is lodged on a chair at the time of this writing.) i somehow managed to reorganize and clean the entire apartment before leff's mom got here on saturday morning. (leff swears that if i'd had a broken arm i would've somehow managed to wash baseboards. this means that i'm crazy, doesn't it?) and the pseudo-in-law visit has gone much better than i could ever have anticipated. (please note that i had based my earlier assement upon the paternal pseudo-in-law visit of aught two which was, well, hellish is too mild of a about we go with heinously repugnant with a dash of odiousness?)

since leff's mom is in town we've been doing some sightseeing. we hit seattle center where we got to see part of the vietnamese new year celebration. and also this merry-go-round.


i like merry-go-rounds because they have horses. also because they're hyphenated.

we also went to the pike place market. it was stupid fresh.


we also also went to the first starbucks since leff's youngest sister is the shift manager at a d.c. starbucks and wanted pictures of the original. and we did the sur la table thing where i got cupcake liners and piping bags (more about those later after i finish the project. pictures will be included, promise!) and then beecher's cheese for lunch.

on the way back from the market, we stopped by the croc for i heart rummage.

i heart rummage

leff's mom was looking for some earrings and i thought that she might find something unique there. unfortunately she didn't. but she DID surprise me with a suicide kitty!

heart kitty heart

can you belive that? i heart his mom!

(kitties are available at suicide kittens)

same day, we hit kerry park for the vista as it was partly cloudy and not hella windy like the day before.

kitty, seattle

the rest of the time we've been eating (blue water taco, phucket, various nibblies from home) and leff and his mom have been working on a website because this was, first and foremost, a business trip after all.

today will be ballard where we meet up with leff for lunch. and i'm TOTALLY going to cupcake royale. like i even had to mention it.

speaking of cupcakes, i managed to destroy 3/4 of my cupcake card stock in the oven the other night.

roasty toasty cupcakes

you see, THIS is why you should never use an oven as a drying rack. *eyeroll at self*

also, i finished my "office" space.

my office is finished!

holy hell, how did i ever get this girly?

AND ann sent me the most fantastic robot glass painting in the WORLD!!!!


it cracked a tiny bit in shipping but that's ok because it's A SKULL JUGGLING ROBOT!!!! have you ever SEEN anything that cool?!?

she also sent me some fantastic buttons too!


ann's superawsomeness cannot be denied! nor can it be surpassed! you just need to bow down and worship, sucka!

but now i'm off. leff's mom and i are headed to the international district before we're off to ballard.

i still heart you though.


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