Saturday, February 18, 2006

more saturdays should be like this!

today = not half bad!

i went to the top of queen anne hill for spackle and instead of being 20% off like i thought it would be, it was 50% OFF!! A GALLON OF SPACKLE FOR $7!!

ok, most of you don't care about cheap spackle but it rocks my world, so there.

also, the uqa librarian was wearing a funny old skool html shirt. you know, the one that says "body" on the front and "/body" on the back? i think i was the only person there that knew what it meant and it seemed to make him happy that i got it.

one last happy book item, marly's ghost was waiting for me in the hold section. i finished it about 20 minutes ago and it was pretty good! (i make no apologies for my love of young adult fiction. some of the best books written today are in that genre, imho.)

have i mentioned that it was sunny? because i could see rainier again. and every day that happens is a good day in my book.

also good organic coffee from cafe fiore. double tall americano, of course. (i'm repetitive in the coffee department.)

the only thing that would make today perfect would be lemonade and strawberry ice cream. but not together in the same glass. ew, that's just gross.

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