Wednesday, August 01, 2007

bettie page and the search for frozen yogurt

tuesday, i met up with leff and t for lunch. on the way to hattie's i saw this bettie page graffiti. (at least i'm going to assume it's bettie page.)

have i mentioned how much i hate the camera in my razr? it really, really sucks.

anyway, hattie's. their turkey french dip sandwich is to die for! it was while we were eating that i planted the seeds for a trip to yo berry, the new froyo place downtown that's trying to be like pinkberry.

as in limited flavors (yo berry has dragonfruit and plain) with toppings like mochi and fresh fruit. yum! double yum!!

unfortunately, it was closed when we arrived. dammit!! so we had gelato at bottega italiana instead.

t knows the market like the back of her hand. she took us not only to market spice which, even though it's located right next to the pig, i'd never seen because of all the people standing around watching the fish (they had sumac (!!) and it was very reasonable priced!) but also to her favorite green grocers and fish and cheese stalls.

hooray for t!!

yesterday equaled more work on the damned needlework project. i'm pretty sure that i'll be finished with it today if i don't let thoughts of yo berry or a jasper fforde booksigning at third place books drag me out of the apt. (i do wonder why mr. fforde's publisher couldn't have added elliot bay to his list of appearances. *shaking fist at viking*)

so, yeah, back to work. see you friday.

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