Monday, August 20, 2007

pike place centennial

on friday, pike place market turned 100. i didn't think i'd make it because of my whole fear of crowds thing but t dropped by around lunch and said the magic word ("cake") so off i went.

cake always beats crowds kind of like paper beats rock.

and, boy, was it good cake. it was also very plentiful.

t fed hers to the pig. (oops! there's a big hot spot in that photo. you'll just have to trust that there's cake on the plate.)

i also fed mine to the pig. and by pig, i mean me. oink!

we decided to make our lunch truly diabetic. as such, we got donuts from the daily dozen. (warning: music!)

while we were waiting in line we saw a guy with an opossum on his shoulder.

later, as we were leaving, we saw j.p. patches in full clown makeup driving his beamer to the market for his 2 pm performance.

it was that weird of a day.

anyway, happy birthday, pike place market!

now stop celebrating so the vendors can start making money again! (it's true. one of the guys that works at the market told us that they had to send employees home for the week since they weren't making any money because the locals were staying away. (basically, what's good for tourists at the market isn't necessarily good for sales.))

oh wait! before we saw j.p. patches, t and i stopped by the gum wall!


k, it's back to bed for me since i DID catch leff's cold and i now have a fever. so, you know, chew on the above photos (or not. chewing someone else's used gum is, you know, gross. not to mention unsanitary.) and i'll see you wednesday.


santos. said...

man, that chewing gum wall is one big wall of scary. feel better soon!

r4kk4 said...

scary but inescapable!

thanks. i'm gonna' sleep all day today.