Wednesday, August 22, 2007

maneki necro

you weren't expecting anything in the way of blog posts today, were you? i mean, i just got over being sick on monday (although, truthfully, things still looked a bit like this

the whole day.) and tuesday i spent digging my way through the piles of dirty dishes and used kleenex that had accumulated.

surely, you'll be kind and understand that the only thing that i have to offer is a rough sketch of a maneki necro

that will soon become a small painting for sale on my etsy page, right? 'cause that's really the only thing i've done besides watch "the book group" in its entirety.

in other words, please don't blame me, blame the virus.


santos. said...

i really love "the book group." i've only seen the first season/series, but i'm pretty sure there's a second one out there. did you watch both?

Anonymous said...

will check it out on:

air hisses,

r4kk4 said...

i think there are only two seasons. (i watched them both the other day! :D!)

burnt, you're so awesome! :D!