Monday, August 06, 2007

movies times a billion

this weekend was full of movies, movies and, yes, more movies. but before i start writing about those, here's the second entry that i made for the bumbershoot urban craft contest. in case you hadn't figured it out, it's a before and after shot.

but back to movies. during the summer, the center shows movies at the mural. for those of you unfamiliar with where the mural is, it's located next to the space needle.

yeah, that thing.

anyway, it's bring your own blanket or chair outdoor seating

and it's lots of fun. friday night leff and i saw "the princess bride".

and on saturday, we met m and n for the beginning of "house of flying daggers".

yeah, only the beginnning. there were quite a few technical difficulties so we left early to watch "black books" at m's.

also in occurrence this weekend was a plethora of paper lanterns.

which, you know, is nice.

at home, i watched four movies that i've been meaning to watch forever through the netflix "watch instantly" thing. a korean animation about dog crap entitled, appropriately enough, "doggy poo", "margaret cho: assassin", "loudQUIETloud" and "athens, ga: inside/out.

i was particularly happy to mark "inside/out" off my list since it's one of the three soundtracks that rocked my tape deck so many years ago even though i'd never seen the movie. (the other two being the "dogs in space" and "permanent record" soundtracks. (i still haven't seen "permanent record". i should probably do that soon.))

ANYway, yeah. exciting weekend, huh? i'm surprised that my eyes haven't rotted out of my head due to the excess of visual stimuli. speaking of which, why not have three more photos for the road?


Brit said...

I rilly hope you watched the English-dub version of "Doggy Poo" because my favorite part is when the voice of the old black man says to the poo, "You da worst kinda poo they is. You DOGGY POO!."

rakka deer said...

i DID!!!! and when he said it laughed and laughed!! it was great!! :D!

santos. said...

i haven't seen athens inside/out...since it was first released. eeeeeeeeeeeeeep. damn i is old.

r4kk4 said...

you're not much older than me, silly! :D!

besides, it's not like you remember seeing chaplin on the big screen, you know. ;D