Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i'm not sick!

why are you even reading this? i haven't done anything since you were last here.

no, that's a small fib. i didn't catch leff's cold which took a MONUMENTAL effort on my part. but, hold on...that's something that i didn't do.

here are some things that i did do-- i watched "an inconvenient truth" and started reading a biography of agatha christie. and i think i watched "blackpool" but i can't be sure because it might've been a british version of "cop rock" instead.

right, right, pictures. here. i want to go back to sleep.


santos. said...

omg, how was 'blackpool'? or the brit 'cop rock'? i just saw a preview for the american version of 'blackpool' (i think it's called 'viva laughlin' or maybe 'laughlin:911'--'viva:911'?) and it might be worth it because that cute lil' fancypanted hugh jackman gets to dancedancedance! his way through scenes with the eekishly freakish melanie griffith. if that ain't a good time to start drinkin' then i don't know what.

r4kk4 said...

"blackpool" is weird. like, the singing bits are weird. but david tennant is still preeeeow! as the detective, so i put up with it.

and by but up with it, i mean that i fast forwarded through the singing bits. HAHAHA!!

i'd watch hugh jackman shake his ass!! :D! my, oh, my but is he a handsome fellow! HAHAHAHA!!