Friday, August 10, 2007

bookses, omg!1!!! a pony!

oh, hello. you caught me right before i started gnawing on these books.

no, not literally.

and yes. that IS the y2k survival guide and cookbook. i have my reasons. (although it's not for the tvp sausage recipe, i'll tell you that!)

so, while you're here, let me ask you. what song have you gotten stuck in your head lately? ever get partman parthorse's "dfwth" lodged in there? i have. and here's a picture of a to prove it.

although, i'll try not to sing it in nyc since i might be fined. or, better yet, bitch slapped.

can you say "bitch slapped" in new york anymore? har har har.

books...gnawing...see you monday.


Knitting For Zombies said...

Poor santa clause is going to have to skip NY from now on seeing as you can't say ho anymore either.

Good thing I live in MD!... it's bitchin'.


Knitting For Zombies said...

ugght... no e in that previous comment. That stupid movie, The Santa Clause, has messed me up for life.


r4kk4 said...

bwah-ha!! :D! i also feel sorry for fishermen! no more "land ho!!" for them!

i forgive you for your tiny e. hee hee!! trust me, without spell check, my whole blog would be spelled foenetiklee.