Friday, August 31, 2007

n's bday, cake stuff

hello there! i'm right in the middle of making a cake

so i have to make this fast.

thurs, leff and i joined m and n at julia's

to celebrate n's bday! after julia's we hit b&o for dessert. i had the chocolate espresso cake. n had a cheesecake, if i remember correctly.

anyway, happy bday again, n! i'm glad that you didn't have to drag out the chainsaw and cut something in half. bwah-haa-haa!!

today a super secret someone is arriving from out of town. in, like, an hour. eeep!! and then sat it's bumbershoot. and i might throw in some square dancing if i have the time. see you monday!


Lisa B. said...

Are you and Leff the only people in Seattle who don't have single letters for first names?

r4kk4 said...

what the hell are you talking about? my name is k and leff's is j.

seattle is full of spies. spies that go only by initials. ;D

Matt said...

The chocolate espresso mousse cake was, well, divine. Thanks for coming to a fun night 8)

r4kk4 said...

*soo* good! i almost went back for more today! haha!

thanks for inviting us!