Monday, August 27, 2007

two libraries in one day, kitchen makeover

first things first, HAPPY LATE BDAY, SHED!!!!! promise that i'll post you a photo on flickr soon!

now back to our regularly scheduled program.

goddamn but it was one busy weekend, chicklets!

saturday i hit two libraries in less than two hours! first ballard for my held books. that was where i saw this dino and dalek chalk drawing that reminded me of grocstar.

and the the queen anne branch for the grand reopening!

the library fairy was there!

and there were free beads! no exposure required!

the inside has been greatly improved. no more huge honkin' checkout desk in the middle. now things have been moved to the left hand side. you can kinda' see it behind this owl.

did i mention that it was sponsored by starbucks?

after the crush of bibliophiles, leff and i stopped by the new board game store, blue highway games. (sorry, no photos but i promise you that i'll go back. there are some awesome spy games to be bought!)

on the way to the ave, we passed lots of growing things.

after general errandness, leff and i had a lovely dinner at m and n's. bronson was there!

i love bronson. (thanks again for dinner, m and n!!)

sunday, me, leff, m and n headed to renton. those of you who live in seattle know exactly why we went too. yep, ikea. in less than twelve hours our kitchen went from this:

to this:

to this:

but we're not finished yet. (sorry, m. no cursing during construction. just a lot of sighing and breaks to drink iced tea.) i'm just glad that we have a usable space now! (and THANK YOU, n for taking the table off our hands!)

right, i've got to find homes for all of our ikea things. plus, i need to head down to the center today to drop off my needlepoint. that's right! my silly little girly will be in the readymade booth during bumbershoot! if you're at the festival, please stop by and say hello to her!


Irregular Shed said...

Yay - thanks ducks!

r4kk4 said...

hee hee! i heart it when you call me ducks! :D!