Friday, August 03, 2007

needlework is finished!

i have nothing new to write about except to mention that the needlework that i've been bemoaning has finally been completed! see?

it's for the bumbershoot urban crafts competition. i mention this because i didn't want you to think that i sit around embroidering the word "bumbershoot" onto things without a good reason.

this weekend looks to be somewhat busy. tomorrow night at the mural there's a showing of "the princess bride". then saturday there's "house of flying daggers" that we might catch with m and n.

and then, if there's time, i need to swing by the collective warehouse sale.

did you see how i didn't mention attending seafair? yeah, i'm not doing that.

anyway, time to get friday started. and by that i mean that i need to finish watching shark week.

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