Monday, September 03, 2007

slogrl does seattle!

it's true!! slogrl, one of my favorite flickrers EVAR came to visit over labor day weekend! HOORAY!!! in fact, she's still here now so i have to make this short. so let's get started!

friday we had cake! (recipe here)

then we walked. oh, how we walked! first the sculpture park where i finally got to see the nurse log.

although i didn't get a photo. just one of the blackboard. ah well.

after the park it was off to ye old curiosity shop for mummies and such!

lovely. (hahaha! just kidding, slogrl! hee hee!)

next up, the market and the gum wall

which was followed by the main library

where we had truffles from the chocolate shop!

yum! of course one sweet thing is not enough so we had froyo at yo berry. i got dragonfruit with lycees.

a short trip to the gratis section of the downtown sam

and we were done for the day.

saturday was, of course bumbershoot. no, i didn't see any bands. those of you who are regular readers might remember that i attend the festival for mainly one thing. and that thing is flatstock.

i don't have photos of all the prints that we purchased yet. i'll probably post that on wed. but here's a sneak peak, gigart's "tough chick".

so cute! how could i pass that up? (ed note: i couldn't. it's hanging above my monitor as i type.)

one REALLY awesome part of the craft market was when i talked to matt and andra from etsy!

i mean, EEEEEP!!! i was so starstruck! it's really awesome when you meet internet superstars! (this was a weekend full of it!)

leff, slogrl and i met up with m and n while at bumbershoot and we did all of the art stuff together.

so fucking awesome!

i ended my bumbershoot experience with a trip to the readymade booth. here's my needlwork just hanging out there! hooray!

after we were, to use m's phrase, bumbershot, we bussed to the top of the hill for dinner at the 5 spot.

i ate so much that i had to bring home leftovers!


day three! sunday! capitol hill and the museum of the mysteries! we had a really great guide who took us on a wonderful tour of the exhibits. the map shows where a crop circle was located in washington state.

we also played with the theramin.


after all of the mystery, we need some fuel. joe bar to the rescue!

and donuts to go with the coffee. although these were from bliss and were made of soap.

leff and i celebrated our second seattleversary on sunday. we did what we always do: pizza from zeek's and a disc or two of "sapphire and steel". once our blood sugar was normal thanks to the pie, it was off to the international district! yep, uwajimaya and kinokuniya! they have tact spray!

it's also available as a cream for what it's worth.

now though, we're off to ballard. we only have a few hours left before ms. slo has to take the shuttle to seatac and i can't let her leave without a royale cupcake!


Lisa B. said...

Woo, slogrl rocks! I'm jealous that y'all live close enough to hang out.

So which is better, the gum wall at Pike Place or the one in SLO town?

r4kk4 said...

it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun having her here!!! we should try to arrange a meetup in chicago or something. like, me, you, slogrl, leff and others. that way it'll be in the middle of the country!!

Justin Bowers said...

Ha ha! I did a blogged a few weeks ago about the gum wall and showed it to a couple of friends last weekend. I remember the ghostly looking gum that you have a pic of on your blog. cool.

r4kk4 said...

that's pretty awesome! :D!