Wednesday, September 12, 2007

autumn and the king of kong

the grey is back, chitterlings. as such, i'm terribly moody. like, a fifteen year old who's just yelled "i wish i'd never been born!" moody.

this pissiness is not helped by the fact that we're rapidly approaching the autumnal equinox. also, the whole red leaf thing? it's nice on japanese maples

but, for christ's sake! can't all of you other deciduous trees on my block just fucking stay green until october??

in the midst of my seasonal angstyness, i saw "the king of kong" with leff.

it's a solid little film, esp if you like games. the casting/editing of billy mitchell, the donkey kong hi score holder since 1982, as a villain was spot on. so perfect, in fact, that the audience with which i saw "kong" clapped at the end when *spoiler alert* renton's own steve weibe beat mitchell's record. again.

ok, i need to call someone about a sunlamp so i'll see you friday.


Anonymous said...

1. fist full of quarters!!! king of king rocked!

2. gloomy weather solution: come visit california.

: )

r4kk4 said...

king kong DID rock!! :D!

you KNOW it about ca! we're thinking november. if i can last that long! ;D