Friday, September 21, 2007

mecca, smokin' wiener

the past two days? i've felt like doing this.

honk to the shu!

last night, we (leff + me), n and m were gonna' catch the second anime bento but poor m had car trouble and couldn't make it. (i hope it was just the battery, m!! we'll catch the "lupin" movie next week!)

so instead of watching "full metal alchemist", leff and i had dinner at mecca

and watched some more of hitchcock week. i'm seriously hooked.

on the way home, i noticed that, just perhaps, almost maybe, the pipettes are back in seattle and performing an instore at the lqa easy street!

i'll KILL to be there if i have to since i missed them last time.

what else, what else? oh yeah. i'm doing the needlework thing again.

some of you might recognize the smokin' wiener since i've been drawing him for what seems like eons now. i'm hoping to have a few more of these finished soon. although, they won't all be of flame broiled meat products.

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