Monday, September 24, 2007

things about the weekend

i don't feel up to writing very much this morning. here's the down and dirty from this weekend.

the 1980's called leff and said that they wanted their food back.

we saw the imperial teens' kick drum but had to leave before they started because of scheduling conflict.

that conflict being the swappy party with a, c&c.

saturday i was hung over due to the naughty girl scouts. but i managed to get to lucky 7 to get my hair dyed. s gave us (me and leff) a mighty o donut to help with blood sugar levels.

later that night, it was delicious dinner at m and n's.

sunday was roald dahl's chicken and dumplings (which i'm also eating for breakfast) and lotsa' dvds.

and i finished loop by koji suzuki. although i wish i hadn't bothered with it since i realized what was going to happen 200 pages before it did.

oh hey! here's a boring video from friday night!


Phil Wilson said...

woo! pretty lights, and a great selection of food! whatcha watch? anyfing good?

r4kk4 said...

why thank you, pippy!

um, well, i watched a lot of rosemary and thyme. that clive exton sure could write a mean screenplay!!