Monday, September 10, 2007

deliciousness and other things (including wine)

it's been an odd kind of weekend, chicken tenders. that's not to say it wasn't without its magnificent highs! no way! just check out the deeeeelicious meal that we had a t and c's!

complete with desert from macrina!

there were also pics of hedgehogs and marmots. but, you know, we didn't eat those.

but we did have some awesome wine!

this weekend was also the breast cancer 3 day walk. here are a few of the fantastic ladies who participated.

i'm thinking about signing up for next year's walk. anyone want to join me?

leff and i spent some time at zeitgeist trying to avoid the football crowd.

we managed quite well, thank you. but we could hear them roaring while we were walking to uwajimaya.

did you know that you can buy pink wine in cat shaped bottles?!?

anyway, those're the highlights of the past three days. oh yeah, i set this thing up again

after having it shoved in storage for about nine years. i think that's all i'm going to say about it for now. although i do need to express a bit of gratitude to slogrl and leff for kicking my butt. thanks, guys!


Anonymous said...

so so so so so frigg'n fab.u.lous.

baby steps.
baby steps.
baby steps.

: )

r4kk4 said...

aw, thanks!

now i have to clean out my cludgy brushes. *groan*