Wednesday, September 05, 2007

labor day with slogrl, flatstock 14 recap

labor day was madame slo's last day in seattle. we thought we'd saved the best for last (and by that i mean mcphee) but it would turn out not to be the case. hang on, i'm getting ahead of myself.

the morning started at cupcake royale. it's been a long time since i've had one of their full sized cupcakes so i really enjoyed my chocolate peppermint patty!

after coffee made us human, we bussed to the locks. you didn't think we'd let slogrl leave seattle without seeing them, did you?

it was a great time to be there since it was deserted. yes, everything was fine until we tried to go to portlock for salmon and it was closed for labor day.

guess what else was closed...yeah, archie mcphee. sigh...

in fact, almost everything that i thought might be interesting store wise was closed. cafe sweet posie, for example. they've been open, like, two weeks. are they allowed to take a holiday yet?!

thankfully, sticker people don't go on vacation.

not all was lost, however, since vera's was open. so hooray for that!

we got back to lqa kinda' early since packing and such needed to be done. also, you know, everything was fucking closed. sigh...

we loved having slogrl here! in fact, we felt like we were missing an appendage when she left! (i mean that in a very good way!) come back slogrl!!! we miss you!!

before i let you go, how about a recap of the silkscreens that leff and i purchased at flatstock 14. once again, here's gigart's "tough chick". this time it's in situ so that makes it different.

we also got a pack of sasah barr's prints. here are seven of them. well, except for the larger print that looks like jigen. that one's by guy burwell.

here's mike klay's "northwest elk".

and yet another gigart. like we're going to pass up a black cat anything.

finally, here's rick from seattle show posters modified version of "poison the well".

honestly, it works extremely well as both a band poster and an art print. i beelined for his table when i saw it hanging. n got one too!

and that was our bumberloot for 2007. oh hey! before i forget! here's readymade's photo of my needlework in their booth! so, yea for that! hopefully, it'll be the last time i mention it because i'm sure you're getting tired of me nattering on about it.


Matt said...

sorry I (not N, she was up for it) wimped out on the ID. I think I got Bumbershot for the whole weekend!

santos. said...

shops are closed on labour day? wow, seattle really takes that holiday to heart.

love all the prints! i've been looking for this seattle show posters print for awhile, so if you see it, let me know!

r4kk4 said...

what the hell are you apologizing for, matt? the id's not going anywhere! we can go back there this weekend if you want.

OR we could try pinkberry in cap hill. they're open MUCH later than yo berry.

god yeah, chotda! it drives me NUTS!!! the first weekend we were here was labor day and all that we could really do was walk around, get groceries and unpack! haha!

although, now that i think about it, that's probably all we coulda' managed anyway. ;D

oh wow! i SAW that one as an art print at their booth in flatstock! i just found rick (or rather he found my photo of his print) on flickr so i can ask him about print availability. i'd gladly pick it up and ship it to you!

santos. said...

squeeeee! yeth, pleathe!

Brit said...

Rakka darling, have you seen this new blog: Cupcakes Take The Cake?

rakka deer said...

coolness!! i'll get right on that, chotda dear! :D!

oh, i LOVE the cupcake ladies, brit!! :D! thanks again for the link though because i love checking out what they do! :D!