Friday, September 07, 2007

lazy tuesday, i hate emp (no, tell us how you *really* feel)

the tuesday after labor day, leff and i rested. and it was good. i also took a photo of the insanely awesome ring that slogrl gave me!

i love that ring! thanks sooo much, slo!

yesterday was leff's new bag's first day at school.

his old lucent bag (acquired when he worked there during the dot com boomin' days) finally bit the dust. above is its wunderbar replacement.

seriously, kids. alchemy goods rocks. we still adore and use the bottle opener of theirs made from a seatbelt buckle that we purchased at last year's urban craft uprising. although, for the life of me, i can't find a photo of it.

ah, well. here's a blurry puppy photo instead.

so, hey! you wanna' know what really sucks? i'll tell you! emp!

not only is it in the ugliest frank gehry building in the world but...ok, hang on. i've got a laundry list.

1) the labels are very poorly placed. i really want to know if the white leather outfit belonged to kurtis blow. i reeeeeally do. help me out with that, please. don't make me LOOK for the fucking identifying tag! it should be right there, on the right.

2) given the size of the building, it's slim pickings in there. yes, i enjoyed the nirvana demo tape, run's addidas from the raisin' hell tour, the prototype flying v gibson, the screaming tree's guitar with a tad sticker on it and, oddly enough, a bird from disney's tiki room. but, come on. people aren't kidding around when they call it "paul allen's closet". and NO i don't count the fucking kiosks. to me, a plethora of information kiosks screams "we didn't have enough material to fill the required space."

3) no photography. um, is a guitar really that light sensitive? how about a "no flash photography" rule. i can live with that.

this is the only photo that i managed because there were museum staff lurking everywhere.

4) having to listen to retread (did i mean retread and not retard? i'm not sure.) live blues while walking through the museum. ok, i get it. live music. whoopiee. can there please be some sound buffering put in so i'm not forced to listen to it echo through the cavernous space? ick.

so, yeah. in summation, even though it was gratis last night, i do not like emp. i do not like it on a train, in a box, in the rain, etc. destructo, if you're reading this, if you ever come up from memphis, you're on your own with that one.

*deep breath*

have i mentioned how much i love the henry? i'm kicking myself for not getting there during the free summer thing.


wastedpapiers said...

Hi rakka- just popped in to say hello. We have a similar museum in Manchester called URBIS which is supposed to be about cities and urban living. Its shaped like a big wedge of cheese and smells just as bad! and its empty most of the time- a total waste of space!

But I think Northwich wins the dullest museums prize with the Salt Museum! Yes, a lovely old workhouse from victorian times converted into a museum full of photos of the salt making process and blocks of salt, salt crystals, an old mine cart full of salt, paintings of salt and a diagram of how useful SALT is! Also a shop FULL of salt related merchandise!

r4kk4 said...

hiya, michael! :D!

oh my god! i think i've heard of urbis! they try to play it up like it's a big deal on this side of the pond.

leff and i have been laughing about the salt museum all weekend! we've TOTALLY got to visit it when we're in the uk!!