Friday, September 28, 2007

new swappy post, dr. watson

my new post is up at swapatorium.

this month we took the pepsi challenge to see if anyone could tell the difference between a retro recipe and a semi homemade one.

wed was wonderful, my little jalapeƱo poppers! i joined leff on his morning trip to ballard so i could pick up some library books and, guess what! there was one pain au chocolat still left at verite/royale! and it was miiiiiiiine!!


other than spending a lot of my day laughing hysterically at things that are not worth discussing, i read melissa bank's new to me the wonder spot in its entirety. i enjoyed it just as much as the girl's guide to hunting and fishing.

thursday night was, of course, the james watson lecture at pacsci with m and n.

what an awful photo! why exactly was he backlit?

anyway, i was unable to hear a lot of what was said because of the poor audio but seattlest has a nice little recap that's worth reading.

in all honesty, i was also distracted by the free container of brownie bites from metro market that was in my bag.

the whole time i kept thinking "i have a container full of brownie bites in my bag at a james watson lecture!" and it was almost as bad as the pez incident on "seinfeld".

anyway, it was a great night at the museum

which was followed by dinner at mcmenamins.

today i'm still debating about the gruff rhys show at the croc but the rest of the weekend seems to be chock full of busy. highlights at eleven, etc. see you monday!


jrhyley said...

It's not commonly known, but Sandra Lee is also the unwitting queen of Make Creepy Lady Go Away!


Y'all are braver than me to eat either of those, I will give you that.

r4kk4 said...


yeah, i can't stand her either. i watch her just so i can yell back at the tv. ;D

i didn't eat either of them. i only make the retro food!

Anonymous said...

hey if you get a chance this week- hallar
cus im off all week!! yeah for me
ill try to call you too
timmy's friend

r4kk4 said...


it'd probably be better if you called me. i don't want to wake up the kid.