Monday, October 01, 2007

pimp bunnies, eyetalian cars and the saddest video in the world

years ago, i used to wake up to howler monkeys at the zoo hooting and whooping (the sound carried for miles). this was usually followed by a cup of coffee (or two or three) before i watched the local high school marching band practice by marching down my street ("stars and stripes forever", bitch!).

this weekend, i saw a pimp bunny as part of a modern day "alice in wonderland" interpretation.

i'm not sure which scenario is quirkier.

since the sky has been pouring its heart out the past few days, leff and i kept it pretty low key. by that i mean we went to daiso. on the way, we saw some eyetalian cars from eyetaly.

the damage at daiso

wasn't so bad this time. less than $20 for those of you keeping score. and, after browsing java books at both barnes and noble AND borders, we came home.

i managed to grab a static invasion on the way.

what else, what else? oh yes. i started a facebook page. for completeness' sake, i suppose. so, you know, go add me as a friend if you'd like.

you can also add me at flickr, last fm, myspace and twitter. although i never check or use those last two.

i'll leave you guys with the saddest video in the world.


Anonymous said...

facebook,myspace,twitter OH MY!
facebook,myspace,twitter OH MY!
facebook,myspace,twitter OH MY!

you are multiWEBlingual!

: )

miss you'se guys!

r4kk4 said...


i collect 2.0 sites. i never use them but i collect them.