Monday, October 22, 2007

pike place market ghost tour

what do you do when you have death at your fingertips?

first you go to the can can (which is haunted) and down a corpse reviver.

(trust me, the drink's in that photos somewhere. *wow* it was potent. (and leff's salad in a glass was quite amusing!))

then you stagger up some stairs and join the pike place market ghost tour! lookit! i actually saw a ghost!

the tour is pretty great. not only are there tales of sorrow and hauntings but there is also a sizable amount of market history. for example, this ramp? it's been around since almost the beginning of the market.'s haunted.

the same holds true for post alley

but not for this smurf.

now that i know the story connecting princess angeline to the sculpture near this bridge um....well, i think i'm going to avoid walking that way. you know....just to be on the safe side. (haha!)

t claims that at 6 pm every day on the inside of the same bridge

you can feel the residual anxiety of people who fled from a fire there many years ago.

since i think i've experienced enough anxiety for one lifetime, i believe i'll skip that...

this has to be the creepiest thing at pike place.

yes, heaven's gate (remember them?) has a memorial tile at the market. seriously creepy.

our tour ended at the old mortuary on first ave where, apparently, many of the soup killer's victims were taken.

sorry, i can't find any info on the soup killer for you. i do know that she slowly starved her victims (who came to her for a cure) by serving them only a very, very thin broth. does anyone know the name of the person i'm talking about?

we ended the night at the two bells which is not haunted and which i'm pretty sure is about to become my second home.

unrelated to ghosts, tours and pike place market, tonight ursula le guin is at elliot bay books. she's a rather private individual and limits her infrequent tours to the west coast so, if you enjoy her books, you might want to make it to her reading at 7:30.


Legs said...

The soup killer is Linda Hazzard, who set up shop in Seattle in 1910..there is a book about her, and it is rather scary - Starvation Heights by Greg Olsen...(Mercedes from the Ghost Tour)

rakka deer said...

awesome!! thanks so much!!

and thanks for putting the tour together!! it rocks!!