Monday, October 08, 2007

the geekiest saturday on record plus some things that happened on sunday

first up, i want to apologize to t for only having grocery store pizza and gin and juice on hand friday night. i PROMISE to have tonic water and limes next time instead of pulling a snoop dogg.

this last saturday could not have gotten any geekier. not only did leff and i drop in at brick con '07

but after a quick dinner with m and n at the elysian

we headed over to the northwest film forum to watch "monster camp".

remember the lightning bolt guy? "monster camp" is, like, an hour and 21 minutes of the same sort of "larping".

which is not to say that it isn't a good film. it's quite entertaining and never condescending to either the audience or the participants in the film.

just, you know, be prepared for those people in your party who used to play d&d to out themselves after the movie is over. (heh heh! (no, it wasn't me, thanks very much.))

n very kindly gave us some pumpkin bread which i enjoyed as sunday's breakfast.

i did not, however, consume my new nellie's dryer balls.

those are for laundry, silly.

the rest of my weekend has been spent reading great expectations which i failed to finish in high school. next up? pride and prejudice because i feel like i need to give jane austen another shot.


snowflakeschance said...

So, did you have Spike Spiegel over for breakfast, too? I see there is a cup of noodles, as well. The bread was for your coffee, silly!

r4kk4 said...

it's a cup noodle coffee mug, silly head. ;D

here's another photo of it.