Wednesday, October 03, 2007

HAPPY 33RD, LEFF!, plus odd groceries and pumpkins

today is leff's 33rd bday! HAPPY BDAY, LEFF!! i would normally have a photo of a cake that i made for him posted here, but i screwed things up and it collapsed and i'd rather not think about it anymore.

hey! lookit that! i am a stabbing robot!

diversionary tactics aside, i do hope that leff has a great bday.

yesterday fujiko jumped into a box. usually not that big of a deal, right? but seeing her made monie love unexpectedly pop into my head as in "fuji in the middle/where she at?/in the middle".

er, click here if you're not as old as me and all will become clear at the 54 second mark.

have i ever told you how much i'm enjoying the "antlers on people" trend?

because i am. it's nowhere NEAR as odd as this.

yes. smokey robinson now has his own line of frozen entrées. and, according to the box, "the soul is in the bowl". *shiver*

i haven't decided what to carve on this year's pumpkin.

don't you love how those are all stage lit? the new safeway has dimmed lighting with spots all over the place highlighting products. by the milk? the bananas are the center of attention. i made leff walk past them just so he could see how important they were.

ok, i'm rambling. i think i'll crawl back under the blankets now and sleep until june.

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