Friday, October 12, 2007

in rainbows, plush you 2007

i'm assuming that if, like me, you like radiohead that on wednesday you were busy listeing to "in rainbows".

i know that i was! in fact, i had three different versions (my mp3 player's copy, a cd in the kitchen player and the original files on the computer) queued so i could listen to it wherever i happened to be.

yes, i'm nuts.

thursday, however, was much more adorable! leff and i dropped by schmancy to help with the hanging of the "plush you 2007" show! it was SO MUCH FUN! there were gobs of boxes that kept being opened to reveal wonderful surprises!

leff and i mainly helped to tag items with the appropriate labels. and i got in the way a lot because i'm silly tall and lurky. but we REALLY enjoyed the sneak peak that we got!

these are two of theresa smythe's animals. i'm absolutely in love with the panda on the left which is JOINTED!

i also loved these two cephalopods. i wish that i could remember who made them. are they hansi singh's?

leff almost bought this cute little puppy. oh, and also the globe that you can almost see in the lower right hand corner.

we DID purchase this guy! leff's a sucker for sleepy eyed green guys! he'll go really well with leff's baboo!

I got this squid!

i can't wait until the show is over so i can bring him home!!!!

honestly, there's a TON of awesome plush to be seen at tonight's opening. you really should go. remember, TONIGHT!! (friday 10/12/07) 5-9 pm at schmancy (1932 2nd ave) as well as fancy and pants, if i'm remembering correctly.

(thanks, kristen for letting us hang out with you guys!!)

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