Friday, October 05, 2007

leff's surprise bday party, my new overlord, chirping

surprise! i threw leff a bday party and m, n, t, c and a were all in on it! since a boy only turns 33 once, i decided leff should have the dr. who party he's always wanted (but was afraid to ask for). for dinner we had cybermanicotti.

and there were dalek cookies for dessert.

there would have been cake, but as i've previously mentioned, it fell apart. mainly because leff decided he would take a half day off work which threw my plans off. oh, well. it didn't stop n from being festive!

and bronson enjoyed having everyone around.

and leff. wow, leff really likes the sonic screwdriver that i got for him.

he keeps trying to fix things around the house with it. then i have to remind him that ava has brain damage that can't be fixed by any method, conventional or otherwise.

also, you know, the sonic screwdriver is not a real tool. although it does double as a pen. which is cool.

anyway, thanks again to everyone who helped me pull a fast one over on leff! next year we'll have to be even sneakier!

leff, if you're reading this, i'm not throwing you a party next year.

(*whew!* that'll fool him!)

would you like to meet my new bff/overlord?

at casa rakkaleff we've been living in the dark ages for years. and by that i mean, we had two french presses that made great cofffee but that neither of us wanted to clean out. which meant that we had to buy coffee from designated coffee shops instead of making it at home. NOT ANYMORE!

well, ok, i'm lying. we're still going to be buying coffee in the morning. but at least we'll get a head start on caffeine consumption before we do.

hey! watch a video of my cat chirping at a squirrel!


Anonymous said...

luvs the chirping kitty cat.

btw how is F A T ? i miss that cat.


snowflakeschance said...

Bronson thought it was HIS birtday, though. It was a fun evening...especially since leff lined up a new opportunity to boot... that's just so cool...and now you both have coffee... could life get any better????

r4kk4 said...

thankses, burnt!

F A T is still fat. of course. and gross. do you want her? i can mail her to you. hahaha!

i think that bronson is of the impression that every day is his bday! haha!

yeah, we're both really excited about his new job!

and, of course, coffee without having to clean out the damn french press. which is the main reason for living, of course. coffee, not french presses.

Brit said...

But french press coffee is soooooooo good. Especially when my husband makes it and cleans the press himself.

By the way, how many cats do you guys have anyway?

r4kk4 said...

it IS good! but, you know, i always get stuck with cleaning the damn thing so it's not worth all the trouble.

we have four cats. ms peel and fujiko are mine, clouseau and ava are jason's. it's a mixed family, kind of like the brady bunch. ;D