Friday, October 19, 2007

13 days of halloween, a sourdough starter, lots of fake blood

oh wow, i overslept. i guess i'm just so excited about halloween that it short circuits me. or something.

anyway, here is a small pumpkin.

too small to be carved but i did draw on it. unfortunately, you can't see what i've drawn yet because i can't find our black light bulb. as soon as i manage to locate it (or buy a new one) i'll post the photo.

i'm not the only person who's a halloweiner! (*groan!* i make that joke EVERY year.) metro market/née larry's has a planty freak-for-all.

strange, no?

off topic for a moment, i'm on day four of a sourdough starter.

i'm not sure if i've done it right. it seems a bit too thick and doughy to be a proper starter. maybe when i feed it today, things'll have started to bubble.

back on topic, i love fake blood. real blood (at least seeing my own in copious amounts) makes me pass out but fake blood is a whoooole different story! i made some last night with corn syrup and food dye!

here's what it looks like before it's mixed together. kinda' resembles a creepy red eye, huh?

the reason for the fake blood? (besides making myself giggle in a morbid way) the thirteen days of halloween!! (in which i post a creepy type photo on flickr every day until the end of oct. here's the set and two examples from last year.)

mwah-haa-haa!! that's a bucket of blood, in case you were wondering. (i heart roger corman!)

this weekend promises more creepy things. like, the ghost tour at the market (or maybe the one in cap hill. i'm not sure yet.) and the zombies in freemont.

damn, but i love this time of year!

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