Monday, October 15, 2007

plush you opening, the crab pot, ballard, migraine (that's a lot for one weekend!)

remember my bumbershoot needlework? (how could you forget. i mean, i wrote about it enough!) she returned to my home last week and she's now got her originally intended symbols in her word balloon.

she still has scars from where she was bumbershot but whatever. it's done. and now she can go live with someone else.

oh yeah, i also made some orange brownies.

the plush you opening was on friday night at schmancy, fancy and pants and it was INCREDIBLE! t and i got there a little early so she could peruse the plush without the crush of crowds. (she bought a cute little smore from alicia kachmar!)

here are some photos from the show. there are also more here as well.

we were there when the crowds started to arrive but you know me and my enochlophobia. that's how i ended up taking photos of the cute pots and owls that are available at fancy while leff, who had joined us, checked out the parts of the show he hadn't seen.

i think i need an owl and a skull pot.

do i need to remind you of how awesome the plush you show is? really, do yourself a favor and stop by the shops before the show is over. you'll thank me. here's a "you're welcome" in advance.

later that night we met up with c down on tourist blvd.

the reason? the crab pot!!

i can hear you screaming "why?!?" and i will tell you: because leff and c wanted to eat their way through "the seafest" which requires not only a bib

but small forks and mallets.

(mallets not pictured.)

the seafest, for those of you not from maryland (like leff), involves a bowl full of sea insects, corn, potatoes and sausage slices being dumped upon the table.

which is then devoured by two people who throw the remains of the exoskeletons of said sea insects into the bowl which has been placed upon the floor after the dumping of its contents.

it takes a while to finish.

and is quite hysterical to watch. ok, not really, but for some reason i really couldn't stop laughing. probably because we'd started the evening with t showing us this picture of a car she'd seen in ballard that had a large stick carefully placed inside it.

add to this the fact that we'd seen the opossum guy on second and you can kinda' see how strange things had gotten that friday.

saturday wasn't as bizarre. leff joined me on my trip to ballard to run errands and such. we walked to the locks since we'd never been there in the fall before. it's quite nice.

on our way back to nw market, we stopped by cafe sweet posie. i got a mexican chocolate cupcake which is delicious. it's slightly nutty and spicy with lots of quality chocolate.

leff got a raspberry scone which you won't get to see since my effing razr refuses to send that picture to my gmail account. (leff says it was a good scone, btw.)

two bits of graffiti

and a free cupcake royale harvest poster later (thanks, wendy and friends!!) we arrived home where i spent the rest of the day devouring the new jasper fforde book.

sunday has no photos because i made curried butternut squash soup and then developed a major migraine that has me feeling hungover this morning. which, you know, is fine because this post has gone on long enough! (apologies to n and m for having to cancel on the soup. we still have a lot left!)


jrhyley said...

Technically speaking, they are sea arachnids. Yummy, yummy, sea arachnids.

r4kk4 said...

yes, well, i don't eat them regardless of their taxonomy. ;D

seafood and i generally don't agree. um, 'cept for fish tacos.