Wednesday, October 17, 2007

monster panda, ocd on parade

mwah-haaa-haaa!! did that panda photo scare you? no? owl

bet that this next photo will if you're vaguely ocd.

that, dear reader, is the rat's nest of embroidery thread that i've been tangling and detangling for years now. not anymore!

see what you can do with a free afternoon, a pair of scissors and some scrap cardboard? yeah, not a hell of a lot. but at least i can now see what colors i have before i start a new project.

and, yeah, that's all that i've had going on here. well, no. there was some baking (more orange brownies) and reading (the grand complication) but other than that not much.

i think there's something in the air that's making things dull. i mean, even "heroes" has been boring lately. (i'm sooo over the cheerleader storyline. kristen bell, save us!!!)


Brian W. said...

you do so much cool stuff and i have not been keeping up!

glad to see you are keeping busy, busy....


r4kk4 said...

ha! i haven't been doing too much of anything lately. but, yeah, i am busy. ;D

hugs right back!!