Monday, October 29, 2007

halloween weekend

oh my god, tyra. despite having to cut out sizable chunks of our weekend plans due to leff's migraine (sorry, s, c&c!), we still managed to get a lot done over the halloween weekend.

for some reason, there was a lot of vampirism.

which is weird because i prefer werewolves.

i also ate (pumpkin pie), drank (pumpkin ale)

and colored pumpkins

and still had time left over to gaze at the wildlife.

on our way to thrill the world, we took in the dia de los muertos celebration at the center. this year there was a huge frida kahlo altar.

AND you were able to make your own sugar skulls!!! here are two examples that were drying.

i don't have a picture of mine yet but i gave it a john mcenroe headband.

one last photo not of sugar skulls but of hanging skeletons.

it was also a great weekend to see people in costume. there was a zombie on the monorail giving out candy.

(sadly, i didn't get a photo of his vampire counterpart, "count trackula".)

here we see a pair of ballard bunnies in their native habitat.

and one of the lovely ladies from archie mcphee in her nun's habit.

i also had a few costumes of my own. me with eyeglasses

and again as spirit gum.

which, you know, is a type of adhesive. oh, never mind.

hopefully, there will be more tricks and/or treats this week since halloween isn't until wednesday.

which is good because soon it's the downward spiral into the "family holidays" that i despise so much. ah well, at least i'll get to have thanksgiving nachos soon.

the chips. they're made of maize.


Anonymous said...

come visit me for the (cough) holidays.

: )

r4kk4 said...

if i win a million $$ the washington state raffle, i'll do it! :D!