Wednesday, October 10, 2007

leff moves on with his life

monday was leff's last day at his old job. as such, he deserved a congratulations/get out of jail free party. t, c, a, leff and i all drank and ate and watched "robot chicken". yea and verily, it was good.

jack was also there.

hello, jack!

tuesday, leff and i went sock shopping at the rack sans hangovers. (ibuprofen + water, it's a rockin' combo the night before!) before shopping, however, we had breakfast at the crumpet shop.

once again, i went with the maple butter but this time it was in honor of canadian thanksgiving.

after checking out the lay of the land in leff's new work neighborhood, we headed home. no, i lie. we went to sam's where i had sushi

and leff had udon. have i ever mentioned to you how much i love tamago? because i really, really love it.


friday i'll hopefully have some pics of the plush you show at schmancy before the opening. (n and i both volunteered to help with the hanging on thursday night. it should be a LOT of fun!)

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