Friday, October 26, 2007

gore gore girl

can you tell that i've been watching too many horror movies?

'cause i have. today one of the many that i watched was "hellbound: hellraiser ii". oh, clive barker, how i've missed you and your puzzle based hell gate. you made me think twice before picking up a rubik's cube again for fear that i might accidentally open up an inferno.

anyway, back in the real world, last night leff and i went halloween shopping. we did not buy this fox

but instead purchased this black light bulb. or, if you prefer, this ampoule noire.

also in our basket were many types of makeup because we have to go in costume to c&c's party on saturday.

i was going to go as one of the comcast housemates since that was the scariest thing that i could think of but i've since changed my mind. i'll upload photos of leff and my costumes on monday.

until then, you know, watch monsterfest. maybe we can compare notes on "puppetmaster".

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