Monday, September 17, 2007

owls and anne bonny

so, no. before you ask, i didn't go to motel. and i don't really remember what i was doing instead. maybe i was trying to make a blurry cameraphone pic of a bamboo static cling look vaguely like stained glass.

that must have been it.

this weekend felt all hunter-gathery. i mean, aside from these owls,

i acquired many of the things that i saw in shops. including a small bundle of things from utrecht and a cute little photo from the anne bonny.

i don't own this crow, however.

leff and i also went to rei on the last day of their 25% off sale. biiiig mistake. the whole fucking city was there and i'm pretty sure they were all wearing crocs. *shiver*

k, it's time i start soaking my cludgy brushes in some kohinoor pen cleaner.


Anonymous said...

"crocs" on adults put a "cric" in my neck.


r4kk4 said...


it does so much worse to me! ;D