Thursday, June 21, 2007

cake and cat

wow. an actual post when i said i'd write one. what a nice surprise.

i've been up to a lot since i last left you, p patch. i made a cake for the hollow earth radio people. (cake details here, if you're interested.)

they're having a show/bbq this saturday. i won't be going since every single thing in town is happening this weekend. that's always the case.

speaking of p patches, the interbay garden is doing a pick your own lavender next month. i mention this not only because it's cool, but also so i can say...

continuing with p patches, that's peel's new nickname. as in "here's the p patch all pimped out by the pillows."

ah, alliteration. you gots to loves it.

i know that i said earlier in this dispatch that i've been busy. it's very true. the thing is, i don't feel like writing about my extended absence. it's not as if i did anything earth shattering anyway.

earth hollowing, yes. earth shattering, no.

so on that note, i'll leave you to your own devices until tomorrow.

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