Saturday, June 09, 2007

donation and women with buckets

yes, i am writing this pretty damn early. that's because tomorrow is full of errands. so many, in fact, that leff and i have rented a car for the day. otherwise, we wouldn't be able to get all of this stuff

to goodwill. (well, not all of it. the monitor is going to staples to eventually be recycled.)

i found my tiny collection of "women with buckets" while i was sorting through all of the above crap. i say "collection" when i really mean "two".

i'm on the lookout for more. if you happen to find any tiny women carrying buckets, i'll trade you a shiny new quarter. or maybe some mint flavored dental floss.

right, time to get back to "children of the corn" which does live up to its name in that there are children and they are indeed corny.

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