Friday, June 22, 2007

prep, blur, serpent and the rainblow

i was whipping up my new swapatorium monstrosity (like, literally. i was making whipped cream.) when i noticed that the ingredients, before being frankenfuckedwith, weren't really that terrible looking. see?

the end result you'll have to wait about a week for. i can tell you this: it's not very attractive. and it will involve slightly dyed daisies.

slightly dyed because i forgot that i needed them until yesterday and it takes a couple of days for capillary action to do its thing. ah, science. it's cool but sometimes time consuming.

here's the brief view of the sound that i had yesterday.

blurry, of course.

i also watched "the serpent and the rainbow" and i finally understand why padre forbid my viewing of it when i was younger; he has a healthy respect for film and didn't want me to waste my time on the cinema equivalent of dog excrement. for this, i am grateful.

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