Sunday, June 10, 2007

errands, dracula bites back

no photos today, chickadees. frankly, i didn't think you'd want to see what

* picking up a silver dodge neon rental
* recycling our huge, old monitor at staples
* filling up an entire bin at goodwill full of donations
* scrounging through re-store for drawers and channel letters (thanks for the hook-up, re-store guys!!)
* clothes shopping (ungh!!)
* getting so lost at target that i couldn't find the fucking fluorescent lightbulbs
* stopping by a local hardware store for paint and such

looked like. although i need to make a note to self that five corners recycles old fluorescents for 80 cents each.

so yeah, i had a really busy day. i'm glad that we don't own a car because traffic in this city is annoying. esp since we forgot about the udub graduation ceremony until we were on the interstate stuck in the thick of gridlock.

anyway, back to the retelling of the dracula legend in the historian for me.


santos. said...

holy crap, i've had the same experience looking for fluorescent light bulbs at target...i swear to god, they *move* them around just to f*ck with you. they put it in the furthest corner of the target universe one week, and then the next week they're next to camping gear. wtf??

r4kk4 said...

they DO move the damn things. i swear, i thought light bulbs used to be next to cleaning supplies. uh-uh. they're with home improvement now.

which, i guess, ok. light does improve your home, but FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!, pick a spot and LEAVE them there!! argh#@!!#@