Wednesday, June 27, 2007

invite, soda, cat

hello! first things first. i have an invite for you wonderful readers. answer these upcoming questions quietly or to yourself. i'll wait patiently until you're finished.

will you be in seattle, wa on friday, july 27th, 2007? want to join us at the next retro food party for swapatorium?

be a part of the grossness at the rendezvous in belltown (2322 2nd Ave) at 8 pm! sorry, only 21 and up. please email me at rakkadeer [at] gmail [dot] com by july 7th to rsvp or for more information! hope to see you there!

in addition to working out the kinks for the party, i took the "7up challenge" that i received via ups the other day.

not surprisingly, i knew which soda was which even when handed unmarked glasses that leff had prepared in the kitchen. (and i still prefer diet sprite but i never drink it because, um, no caffeine. what's the point?)

yes, i'm still cleaning. padre and my step mom are currently in montana and are scheduled to arrive in seattle tomorrow at some point. of course, i don't know exactly when, so i'll be a freakin' basket case the whole day. hopefully, i won't show up at his hotel room drunk.

haha! i'm kidding!

hahah! i'm *so* not!

*ahem* isn't fujiko cute?

see you friday!

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