Friday, June 29, 2007

new swapatorium post, speigel online, happy bday s!

hey there, cupcake! my new post is up at swapatorium. this month it's chicken buffet molds.

i'm remembering the smell and it makes me want to puke.

in other web news, want to read something about game cakes in german? then check out this nice little write up that konrad lischka included me in on spiegel online! i eeped when he contacted me since i used to read der spiegel in my german language class in college. thanks again, konrad!

in rl news, padre and my step mom couldn't make it across the cascades yesterday so they've yet to arrive in seattle. they should be here this morning. i need to drink some pepto.

also, it's s's bday! happy bday s! i made her some cupcakes with hershey's hugs inside.

they also have icing made from hugs. i kinda' threw this recipe together-- 6 hugs, a stick of butter (8 tbs), 3 cups of powdered/confec sugar and maybe 2 tbs of milk. it's not bad, really.

and that's my last two days to date. i need to get some coffee to go with my pepto. it feels like a red eye kinda' day.


Anonymous said...

Scary. That's all...just scary.
Your cupcakes look yummy though. So it balances it out!

r4kk4 said...

thanks on both accounts, shannon! :D!

i try to make the nastiest stuff that i can find when i do the swapatorium articles. that chicken buffet mold was HORRIBLE!