Saturday, June 23, 2007

friday was a food day

you kinda realize that your day's been oddly food filled when you start your day by iming this:

and then end the day taking a photo of b's text about poutine.

let me tell you kids, the swapatorium parties have outgrown my apartment. we're taking it out on the town next month. i might post details so you can join us in feting retro food grossness if you'd like, who knows. anyway, here are a few random shots from last night.

m and s brought jello!

n baked a coffee cake from a recipe that she found on retro housewife! (i wish that photo wasn't so blurry but whatcha' gonna do? sigh...)

c and b brought me back some smarties from their trip to canadaland!!!

i have to admit to squealing like a little girl when b gave me these. i love smarties. and canadaland. (mainly for the smarties. *wink!*)

k, time to edit video. as usual, i'll let you know when the new swappy article is posted. (should be next week.)

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