Wednesday, August 10, 2005

book report

you know i'm a book geek. i'm not totally hardcore as to have a lot of first editions (although i do have some) simply because i don't have that disposable of an income.

anyway, i was just trying out the seattle library's home page again. did you know that their search feature is ON THE FRONT PAGE WHERE IT SHOULD BE?!? go on, try it! now compare it to the memphis public library's home page. after that ratshit graphic of theirs has loaded (it typically takes FOREVER!!) TRY to find a book. i dare you.

and look! it's my new branch library!! they closed the one that i used to walk to in memphis. god, i hate memphis.

in summation, seattle has better everything. even books. 20 days and counting and i'll be on my way.

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