Sunday, August 07, 2005

prep work

here's some gum porn for your sunday.

citrus mint orbit

(thanks, kk. i'm chewing this stuff nonstop now!)

we've made lots of progress on trip preparation! yesterday we planned our route and leff reserved the moving van and the koa kabins where we'll be staying.

i can hear you. "koa kabin?!?" you protest. calm yousleves, puff pastries! it's all part of the plan. koas are built for rvs. which means that a moving van towing a car will have plenty of room to park. this is not always the case at standard hotels/motels.

also, koas are pet friendly. their only stipulation in their pet clause is that you not bring obnoxious dogs with you. (the regular kind of dogs and cats are fine.)

so what if i have to walk to a different building to shower? it's worth it!

all right, packing to do. more updates as they become available.


Lisa B. said...

I thought the KOA Kabin ide was a stroke of genius. I looked on their website to see if there are any near me that I can go stay at just for the fun of it. Who needs a shower anyway?

r4kk4 said...

ah! well i have padre to thank for the idea!

he is a genius about things like that.

flwrgrl1978 and friends stayed at one in florida. they said it was kind of cramped but great otherwise.

keep in mind that you have to take your own bedding. but there's a grill and a small porch swing! hee hee!

HappyGillmore said...


when my ex and i drove from Seattle to NY, we stayed at several KOA sites across the USofA. They are great! We didn't do the Kabins, but a tent with our Jeep Cherokee worked just fine. The showers are clean and hot, and some of the places have lounges so you can watch Jeopardy with the other "folks" before bed. They're great for the long haul.

Also, if you have time, try to stop at Mt. Rushmore or Devil's Tower...they definitely made that extremely boring drive through the midwest worth while.

r4kk4 said...

you know, you just make me feel better and better about this move all the time, happygillmore! thank you!

i wish that we could stop and see the sights on the way, but we'll have four cats in the moving van that can't be left unattended. oh well. i'll be living closer to all of the western ntl parks than i ever have so i'll be sure to go back!