Tuesday, August 09, 2005

ring a ding ding!

leff just got us cell phones with seattle numbers! *excited w00tings*

and that's not all! they're camera phones! with video capability! HUZZAH!!! we can moblog the trip to the emerald city! (you know, seattle's nickname? the emerald city?)

(groc may commence making "wizard of oz" jokes......NOW!)


HappyGillmore said...

206 area code?

r4kk4 said...

i'm pretty sure. but we won't know until we activate the phones. and those don't get here until thurday.

HappyGillmore said...

i know, it's sort of a silly question anyway...i guess i'm just a little homesick! ;( boo hoo...joe and i might, and this is a BIG might, be there in Dec. for a couple of days a few weeks before the massive commercial holiday. not sure because we're going to aruba at the end of Sept and we may be totally and completely broke. I'll keep you posted! If so, we could go to Costas for Greek food...THE BEST avegolemono soup EVER! And this is only the beginning! So EXCITED! You know you'll have to take pictures of everything you eat and also of the places you eat at...joe will be thankful for that. He LOVES the food in Seattle, and he's from NY! Go figure.

r4kk4 said...

nah, that's not a silly question!

it's nice to have the right area code! (i lucked into the good one in baltimore when i lived there!)

oh WOW!!! ARUBA!!!! i hope that you have a great time!

mmmmm!!! greek food is FANTASTIC!!! costas? we'll DEFINATELY have to go there if you're ever in the 'hood! :D!

i've heard that seattle food is just incredible! kind of like chicago in that sense.

and i love chicago! :D!