Friday, August 26, 2005

see you in seattle!!!

see you in seattle!

our internet connection gets cut off today and leff and i will be offa line until sept 3rd. sept 3rd?!??! holy crap!!!

anyway, in case you didn't know, we're moving to seattle on monday. HOORAY!!! and all that!

we'll be moblogging (ew! ugliest word EVAH!!) our way across the u.s. to our new home!

what that means is audioposts here starting on monday.

lots and lots of real time cameraphone images here.

and some movies available here.

as you've probably noticed, i've turned off comments for the duration. it's just to safeguard against spam. if you'd like to drop me a line before i turn comments back on, you can reach me at rakkadeer [at] gmail [dot] com. i won't be able to read any email until sept 3rd, but i thought i'd give you an option. because i love you.

see you in seattle, kittens!!

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