Monday, August 15, 2005

death day

happy elvis death day.

matches?  i don't need no stinkin' matches!

thankfully, this year i've missed most of the elvis freaks that have descended upon memphis. (i've stayed inside, locked the doors and not opened them for ANYONE!! esp if they happen to be wearing a spangly jumpsuit and mutton chop sideburns.)

i'm contemplating heading out to graceland tonight to get picures of the vigil since it'll be my last chance. (because i'd rather be destitute than move back to memphis again.) but i have a feeling that i won't go since i have this overwhelming apathy about all things elvis. you would too if you if you ever resided in memphistown.

ugh...i'm depressing myself. here are some weird hello kitty pics to make us all happy again.

this is me at target.

hello rakka

and here is a strange random hk/cat toy mashup that i saw on the floor of my apt. (i moved it to a place with better lighting for the photo.)

weird hk/cat toy mashup

*whew* ok, i feel much better now!

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