Saturday, August 20, 2005

t minus 10....

10 more days...

10 more days until we load the moving van, cinnamon swirlies! (note: cinnamon swirlies is the nickname for a type of cinnamon sticky bun that dr. fusbender and i used to eat in knoxville, tn. thanks, the management)

wonderful, wonderful leff! he's fixed it so we can get cable and, more importantly, the INTERNET CONNECTION up and running by our second day in seattle! we're going to be without a home connection in memphis longer (3 1/2 days) than we are in zee emerald city.

this does not surprise me as memphis sucks the big one, as it were.

at times i can't believe that seattle is real. par example, you can set up your utlities online. also, the city provides canvas, reusable recycling bags to apt dwellers (if the apt complex participates in the program.) (not like baltimore's "blue bag" system where you had to fight people at the safeway to get the fucking blue grocery bags to put your recycling into. or memphis' nonexistant program for people that don't own their own home.) (another brief sidenote: i think that i hated living in baltimore more than living in memphis, if that's humanly possible...)

anyway, seattle. city of the future? or just one that understands and utilizes the internets? i'm hoping both.

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