Thursday, August 18, 2005

when will the hurting stop?!?!

twelve days until we load the moving van, kittens, and i'm suffering from moving meltdown.

it always happens right about this time every damn move. i'm overwhelmed. there are too many to do lists. i'm out of boxes. i'm covered in sticky goo from reapplying floor tiles in the kitchen. all of my clothes are either packed or dirty. we're eating the tins of "emergency food" that we don't usually eat just so we don't have to travel with six cans of kidney beans and a box of flan. (why is flan emergency food?!?) the house is a fucking mess! AAAAAARGH!! AAAAARGH!!! ARRRRGH!!!!!

fuck it. i'm going to drink for a while.

i've hit the wall


HappyGillmore said...

is that strawberry blond i see? or is it a look-alike?

love strawberry blond. Pete sure was wicked to come up with that...

it's friday...i just don't have anything good..Sorry!!!

btw, it's sunny and 75 degrees with NO HUMIDITY in! How great is that! Now there's something to look forward to!

r4kk4 said...

oh yeah! it's strawberry blonde! :D!

pete's got some kickin' beer!

what are you talkin' 'bout, willis? you've always got good things to say!

oh, i KNOW!!! i'm DYING to get out there! it's going to be in the 100's today in memphis with full on humidity. i get angry when i have to go outside.

HappyGillmore said...

i know that angry feeling very, very well. ooohhh...the anger just seeps out...also known as that thing called "sweat", I think it is?

It's rainy and pissy here today...can't complain though because it's not 1,000 degrees like Memphis. Just drink more of Pete's! That'll do the trick!

r4kk4 said...

hee hee! anger = sweat!

plus, no one can drive in this fucking town and i have to go over to a friend's to catsit later on. ungh...catsitting in the middle of a major move....they owe me. ;D

i'm starting on a pete's as soon as i finish my diet coke. that'll make it after noon and i won't feel quite so derelict drinking it then. HAHA!

speaking of which, i have a weird question...can you buy wine and liquor in seattle grocery stores? like, in tennnessee, you can only get it in liquor stores and those are closed on sundays.

are there any stupid laws like that in seattle?