Sunday, August 21, 2005

chicken tikka dance

leff and i bought our traveling food today. and a box of chicken tikka mix.

yum yum!

i heart chicken tikka. i heart it so much that i made a video.

before you watch it, please note that i don't claim to be able to sing. at all.

also, in the video? i was imitating someone. i just...uh, i just don't know exactly who it was that i was imitating...


Irregular Shed said...

For future reference, should you find yourself doing more Chicken Tikka songs, Tikka is pronounced Teeka. But not Teeeeeeeka, not too much stress on that first sylable, just a little bit.

My ex was from India. She introduced me to wonderful spices, and then never used them ever again. Tch.

r4kk4 said...

oh well.

i knew that i'd been saying it wrong.

that's the trouble when you hear words for the first time in the southern u.s. ;D

it's also why i put the box behind the dancing deer just in case no one understood what i was trying to say. ;D

well, that's just budget of your ex!